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The 2006 Christmas Ornament Tree with proceeds to go the Library Building Fund

Carving Books at the Titonka Public Library

Over the years, the North Iowa Woodcarver's Guild has purchased and donated a great number of books and videos on various carving topics to the Titonka,Iowa Public Library.

The library now boasts one of the largest carving reference libraries in the upper midwest.

We are happy to share this list with you on our webpage. Feel free to inlist the services of the Titonka Public Library if you would need information on a topic of carving interest...

....these books are available thru all libraries by the program called Interlibrary Loans thru "State of Iowa Libraries on Line" SILO.

Titonka Public Library, Titonka, Iowa, 50480-0323

515-928-2509 --


Mon 7:00-9:00pm

Tues 12:00pm-5:30pm

Wed. 9:00am-1:00pm & 3:00pm-7:00pm

Thurs 12:00pm-5:30pm

Fri 9:00am-12:00pm

Sat 9:00am-11:00am

WOODCARVING TITLES, Alphabetical by Author

(LIST UPDATED August 29, 2009)

Adkins, Dick -- "Walking Sticks"

Adler, Shirley -- "Carving Spoons"

Allan, Bonnie -- "Songbird Patterns" - Vol II

Ameredes, Harry -- "The Fantastic Books of Canes, Pipes, & Walking Sticks"

Badger, Curtis -- "Bird Carving Basics: Bird Painting"

"Bird Carving Basics: Eyes"

"Bird Carving Basics: Feet"

"Bird Carving Basics: Habitat"

"Bird Carving Basics: How to Compete"

"Bird Carving Basics: Tools"

"Carving & Painting a Black-Capped Chickadee" with Ernest Muehlmatt

"Carving & Painting a Green-Winged Teal" with Jim Sprankle

"Carving & Painting a Red-Tailed Hawk" with Floyd Scholz

"Fish Carving Basics: How to Carve"

"Fish Carving Basics: How to Paint"

"Fish Carving Basics: How to Paint Tropicals"

"Fish Carving Basics: How to Paint Trout"

"Bird Carving Basics-Bills & Beaks"

"Bird Carving Basics-Heads"

"Bird Carving Basics-Special Painting Techniques"

Barr, Debbie -- "Carving Caricature Women"

"Carving Miniature Animals"

Barton, Wayne -- "Chip Carving-Design and Pattern Sourcebook"

"Chip Carving Patterns"

"Chip Carving Techniques"

"New Traditional Styles of Chip Carving"

"The Art of Chip Carving"

"The Complete Guide To Chip Carving"

Bass, Gene -- "Carving Your Own Carousel Animal"

"Carving Weathered"

Batte, Gary -- "Carving Crazy Critters"

"Carving Caricuture Pins & Bolos"

Beiderman, Charles & Johnston -- "The Beginner's Handbook Of Woodcarving"

Bennett, Glenda -- * "Celtic Woodcraft"

Bergner, Sheila-"Expressions of Freedom"

Berry, Bob -- "Fish Carving"

"Better Homes & Garden -- Wood Carving Techniques"

Bigton, Else, & Odden, Phillip --"Treskjaerer Kunsten - Acanthus-English translation"

"Laerebok I Treskjaering"

Bileau, Marcia--"Classical Burning & Carving Patterns"

Blomquist, Ken -- "Carving Santa and Mrs. Claus"

"Carving Scandinavian Santas"

Bolinger, Paul & Camille -- "An Heirloom Santa"

"Edge of Christmas"

"Carving Humorous Santas"

"Carving Seasonal Decorations"

"Halloween Carving"

"Snowmen Are Cool"

Bongiovanni, Marie -- "How To Sell Your Carvings"

Bonus, Willard -- "A Beginners Look At Woodcarving With Creative Power Tools"

Bowman, Myron -- "Santa Carving"

Boyd, Spike -- "Complete Handbook of Power Hand Tool Woodcarving"

"Wonderful World of Power Carving"

Boyer, Robert -- "The Art of Pyrography"

Breakthrough Magazine Editors-"Habitat a & Exhibit Manual"

Bridgewater, Alan & Gil -- "Carving Figureheads & Other Nautical Things"

"Carving Masks - Tribal, Ethnic & Folk Projects"

"Carving Totem Poles & Masks"

"Making Noah's Ark Toys in Wood"

"Power Tool Woodcarving"

"A Treasury of Woodcarving Designs From Around the World"

"Woodturning Traditional Folk Toys"

Bromberg, Erik -- "Kachina Doll Carving"

Bronner, Simon J. -- "Crafting Meaning From Wood - The Carver's Art"

Brown, Lewis S. -- "An Atlas of Animal Anatomy For Artists"

Brown, Steve -- "Carving Pen Figures"

"Carving Figural Kaleidoscopes : A New Twist-"Collide-A-Scope"

Bruggen, Bill & Wade, Tom -- "Carve Your Own Carousel Horse"

Buchanan, Joyce -- "Bark Carving"

Bull, Graham R. -- "The Complete Course - Decorative Woodcarving"

"The Complete Woodcarver's Handbook"

"Woodcarver's Problem Solver"

Burk, Bruce -- "The New Bruce Burk Game Bird Carving" - 3rd Edition

Burke, John -- "Carving The American Indian" - Vol. I

"Carving America's Legends" - Vol. II

Burton, Mike -- "Architectural Carving"

Butterfield, Ron -- "Woodcarving - A Complete Course"

Butz,Rick & Ellen Butz -- "American Eagle"

Butz, Richard -- "How to Carve"


Butz, Rick -- "Santas"

"Woodland Creatures"

"Woodland Warblers"

Buyer, Robert -- "Blue Whale and Family"

"Killer Whale and Pilot Whales"

"Humpack Cow and Calf"

"Mackerel Sharks"

"Sea Turtles"


Byrd, Betty -- "Acrylic Conversions" - 7th Edition

Campbell,Shane -- "Folk Carving"

Caricature Carvers of America -- "Carving The Circus"

"Carving the Full Moon Saloon"

Chapman, Al -- "Learning the Art of Pyrography"

Chapman, Al & Trinka -- "Carvings for the Day After Christmas"

Chapuis, Julien -- "Tilman Riemenschneider -- Master Sculptor of the Late Middle Ages"

"Chip Chats" -- Back Issues - 40 plus issues

Cipa, Shawn -- "Carving Folk Art Figures"

"Woodcarving The Nativity in a Folk Art Style"

Coglow, Fred -- "Beyond the Cutting Edge"

"Sculptor In Wood"

Cole, Peter--Great Pumpkins-Carving"

Congdon-Martin, Douglas--"A Horse Of A Different Color"

Corbett, Lori--"Carving Songbirds"

Coss, Clayton -- "In the Trees of Tulsa" - Guide to Chain Saw Art

Cottle, James -- "Carving Fish Decoys"

Crowell, Ivan -- "Chip Carving Patterns & Designs"

Currell, David -- "Puppets and Puppet Theater"

Daisey, Rosalyn Leach -- "Shorebird Carving"

"Songbird Carving" - Vol. I

"Songbird Carving" - Vol. II

"Upland Game Bird Carving"

Davies, Mike -- "Woodcarving Techniques & Designs"

Davis, Courtney--"Celtic and Old Norse Designs"

"Celtic Borders and Decoration"

Davis, O. W. -- "Woodburning Western Wildlife"

"How To Burn Wildlife"

Decorative Arts Collection--"Celebrate St. Nicholas"

DeMarco,Guy -- "Ships In Bottles"

Denison, Nedra--"Pyrography 101"

Denning, Anthony -- "The Art & Craft of Woodcarving"

"Two Books in One-Woodcarving"

Denton, Ivan -- "Whittling & Woodcarving The Wild West"

Dew, Anthoney -- "Rocking Horse Maker"

Doeren, Jamie -- "Chainsaw Carving a Bear"

Dow, Cheryl -- "Woodburning With Cheryl Dow"

"Woodburning With Cheryl Dow-Vol. II

"Woodburning With Cheryl Dow" - Vol. III

"Woodburning With Cheryl Dow" - Vol. IV

Dysert, John -- "Carving the Camp Cook"

Eck, Philip R. -- "Custom Gunstock Carving"

Edwards, Betty -- "Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain"

Ekern, Gerald -- "Caricature Wood Carving with Goldmedalist Gerald Ekern"

Ekstrom, Jack --"Carving Head & Faces"

Ellenwood, Everett--"The Complete Book of Woodcarving"

Ellis, Bud & Hoekley, Rhonda -- "Carousel Animal Carving"

Enlow, Harold -- "Carving Animal Caricatures in the Ozark Style"

"How To Carve Faces In Driftwood"

"Carving Western Figures"

"Patterns For Woodcarving"

"Pattern Supplement"


"How To Carve Folk Figures & A Cigar Store Indian"

Ernst, Diane -- "Carving Wooden Critters"

Esterly, David -- "Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving"

Evans, Terry and John Hagensick -- * "Magic Relief Carving"

Faigin, Gary -- "Facial Expressions"

Fendelman, Helaine & Taylor, Jonathan -- "Tramp Art"

Finn, Mary -- "Carving Pins"

"Carving Egg Animals"

"Carving Egg Heads"

"Carving Egg People"

Flexner, Bob -- "Understanding Wood Finishing"

Fossel, Theo -- "Walking & Working Sticks"

"Fine Woodworking on Carving"

Fox-Wilson, Frank -- "Carving Nature-Wildlife in Wood"

Fitzgertalk, Frank -- "Carving The Whitetail"

"Carving The Wolf"

Frazier, Mark -- "Breakthrough Fish Carving Manual"

Frost, Rodney -- * "Whacky Toys, Whirligigs & Whatchamacallits"

Gertner, Zoe -- "Woodcarving, A Foundation Course"

Gibson, Helen -- "Carving Moses"

"Carving the Nativity"

"The Animals of the Nativity"

Gilley, Wendell -- "Birdcarving"

Goldman, Larry -- "How To Create Water and Ice and Other Good Stuff"

Green, Larry -- "Caricature Relief Carving"

"Carving Boots & Shoes"

"Carving The Old Woman's Shoe"

"First Christmas Projects For Beginners"

"First Projects for Woodcarvers"

Green, Larry & Altman, Mike--"Carving Comic Clocks"

Green, H. D. -- "Carving Authentic Birds"

"Carving Realistic Birds"

Gregory, Norma -- "Pyrography Designs"

Gresham, Pam -- "Basic Chip Carving"

"Chip Carving Pennsylvania Dutch Designs"

"Chip Carving the Southwest"

Gross, Barry -- "Making Noah's Ark & His 3-D Friends"

Guge,Robert & Schoeder, Roger -- "Carving Miniature Wildlife"

Guldan, Mary Duke -- "A Woodcarver's Workbook"

"A Woodcarver's Workbook" #2

"The Complete Beginner's Woodcarving Workbook"

Hagensick, John -- "Carving The Rose"

"Carving Realistic Flowers"

Hajny, Desiree -- "Carving Caricature Animals : An Artistic Approach"

"Big Cats : Carving Lions, Tigers & Jaguars"

"Carving Small Animals"

"Carving Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes"

"Mammals : An Artistic Approach"

Harto, Diane -- "Chip Carving Patterns"

Hasluck, Paul -- "Manual of Traditional Wood Carving"

Hellum & Gottshall -- "You Can Whittle, You Can Carve"

Hamm, Jack -- "Drawing The Head & Figure"

"How To Draw Animals"

Hefty, Donna -- "A Folk Carved Nativity"

Hewitt,Russ-- "Gouge Chip Carving"

Higginbotham, Bill -- "Carving Country Characters"

"Humorous Country Characters"


Hillman, Anthony -- "Carving Birds of Prey"

"Carving Classic Swan and Goose Decoys"

"Carving Decorative Miniature Flying Ducks>

"Decorative Eagles"

"Carving Favorite Songbirds"

"Carving Miniaure Duck Decoys"

"Carving Ornamental Miniature Flying Birds"

"Carving Popular Birds"

"Carving Sharks"

"Carving Tropical Birds"

"Carving Water Birds"

"Carving Whales and Dolphins"

"How to Carve a Cardinal"

"Painting Duck Decoys"

"Painting Popular Duck Decoys"

"Painting Popular Bird Carvings"

"Painting Shorebird Decoys"

"Painting Shorebird Carvings"

"Carving Traditional Fish Decoys"

Hillyer, John -- "Woodcarving : 20 Great Projects for Beginners & Weekend Carvers"

Hirt, Bert -- "Lace Carving"

Hogarth, Bruce -- "Dynamic Figure Drawing"

"Drawing Dynamic Hands"

"Dynamic Wrinkles & Drapery"

Hood, Vic & William -- "Carving Found Wood"

Houlton, Cecil -- "Whittling Wooden Variety Chains"

Howrilla, Bill--"Carving Golfers"

Hughes, Ken -- "Carousel Horse Carving : An Instructional Book in 1/3 Size"

Hummel, David--"Carving A "Hat Man"

Hunt, Les -- "How to Carve a Realistic Mule"

Hunt, Ben -- "Ben Hunt's Big Book of Whittling"

"The Golden Book of Crafts & Hobbies"

Irish, Lora -- "Chip Carving Classics : One"

"Chip Carving Classics : Two"

"Classic Carving Patterns"

"Great Book of Dragon Patterns"

"Great Book of Celtic Patterns"

"Great Book of Floral Patterns"

"Great Book of Woodburning"

"Landscapes in Relief-Carving : Techniques and Patterns"

"Relief Carving Wood Spirits"

"Wildlife Carving in Relief"

"Wood Spirits and Green Men"

James, David --"Celtic Design"

Janney, Bill -- "Gunstock Carving"

Jansen, Gen -- "Bark Carving Book II"

"Christmas With Gen"

"First Class Carving"

"Pierced Relief"

"Reigning Cats & Dogs"

"Spirit Faces"

Jensen, Jim --"Carving Fish : Miniature Salt & Freshwater"

Jensen, Rick & Williams, Jack --"Careving Tree Bark"

Jensen, Vickie -- "Carving a Totem Pole"

Jepsen, Justin --"The Carving Range-A Guide to Carving Golf Balls"

Johnson, Skylar--"Carving Compact Caricatures-Fun Projects with Basswod Eggs"

"Carving Sants Claus Ornaments"

Jepsen, Justin --"The Carving Range-A Guide to Carving Golf Balls"

Jones, Andrew & George, Clive -- "Stickmaking Handbook"

Joslyn, Cyndi--"Easy Woodcarving"

"North Woods Nativity"

"Halloween Woodcarving"

Judt, William -- "Relief Carving Patterns, Tips, Techniques"

"Relief Carving Treasury"

Kaisersatt, Marv--"Creating Caricature Heads in Wood and on Paper"

Keilhofer, George -- "Basic Relief Carving"

"Scenic Relief Carving"

Kellogg, Ray -- "Carving a Realistic Face With a Pocketknife"

Klein, Tom -- "Loon Magic"

Koch, Kurt -- "Carving Horse Portraits in Relief"

Kochan, Jack--"Realistic Dogs"

Kramer, Terry -- "Carving the Native American Faces"

Krockta, Greg & Schroeder, Roger -- "Carving Signs"

Larson, Gene -- "Powercarving Birds, Fish & Penguins"

Leach & Kurman -- "Songbird Carving " Vol. I

"Songbird Carving" Vol. II

LeClair, Pete W. "Carving Caricature Busts"

"Carving Caricature Heads & Faces"

"Carving Caricature Figures From Scratch"

Lee, Leonard -- "The Complete Guide to Sharpening"

Lehman, George -- "20 Realistic Patterns"

"Nature in Wood : (Birds & Animals)"

"Realism in Wood : Ducks, Shore Birds, Birds of Prey, Song Birds" Book Two

Lindquist, Mark -- "Sculpturing Wood : Contempory Tools & Techniques"

Lindstrand, Doug -- "Alaska Sketchbook"

"Alaska Sketchbook" #2

"Drawing Alaska"

"Drawing America's Wildlife"

"Drawing Mammals"

Littley, Sharon & Griffin, Clive --* "Celtic Carved Lovespoons"

Lubbermann, Chris -- "Carving Twigs & Branches"

"More Carving Twigs & Branches"

"Whittling Twigs and Branches"

"Whittling Twigs and Branches"-2nd Edition

Lucio, Laura--"Eastern Bluebird"

Lueth, Wally, & McCoy, Jan -- "How to Carve a Pretty Face"

Lundy, Bob -- "Carving the Historic Western Face"

"Relief Carving : Scenery in Wood"

MacIntosh, Hal -- "Chain Saw Arts & Crafts : Making & Marketing"

"Malmstrom, Margit -- "Modeling the Head in Clay"

"Mallet" -- 67 Issues

Manning, Frank -- "Creative Chip Carving"

Manns, William -- "Painted Poinies"

Marlow, H. LeRoy -- "Carving Carousel Animals"

Maarsingh, F. -- "Carving Animals"

Manoly, Arthur -- "Caring Carving"

Marsh, Wanda -- "Carving Realistic Flowers in Wood : Rose, Hibiscus, Morning Glory"

Matus, Tom -- * "Duck Decoys-Carve A Mallard From Start to Finish"

Maxwell, Jim -- "Carving Characters"

"Carving Clowns"

"Woodcarving Adventure Movie Caricatures"

Maxwell, Jim & Margie -- "Making Collectible Santas & Christmas Ornaments in Wood"

McGray, Brian -- "How to Carve a Duck Decoy"

McKenzie, Barry -- "Chip Carved Picture Frame : Booklet of Patterns"

Meade, David--"Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets"

Meisel, Paul -- "Big Book of Christmas Scroll Saw Projects"

Merne John G.--"A Handbook of Celtic Ornaments"

Menke, Donna--"Carving Pins"

"The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book"

Mohrhardt, David -- "Encyclopedia of Bird Reference Drawings"

"How to Paint Dabbling Ducks"

"How to Paint Game Birds"

"How to Paint Owls"

"How to Paint Songbirds"

"Songbird Painting Projects"

"How to Paint Shorebirds"

Moor, Dennis & Todd -- "Chipping Away : Free Form Patterns for Chip Carving"

"Begin With Moor : Introductory to Chip Carving & Patterns"

"Projects with Free Form : Patterns for Chip Carving"

Moore, Haris W. -- "Chip Carving"

Moore, Tom -- "Carving Traditional Style Kachina Dolls"

Mortimer, Stuart -- "Techniques of Spiral Work"

National Carvers Museum -- "Basic Woodcarving in Ten Lessons"

"Carving Characters"

"Great Carving Projects"

Natural Christmas Crafts

Nelson, Joyce & John -- "Patterns & Projects for Scroll Saw"

Neuenschwander, "Carving Comical Bears"

Norbury, Ian --"Carving Classic Female Faces"

"Carving Facial Expressions"

"Fundamentals of Figure Carving"

"Techniques of Creative Woodcarving"

"Projects for Creative Woodcarving"

"Relief Woodcarving and Lettering"

NYE, Sally and David -- * "Fan-carving : Old World Folk Art"

Oar, Ross --"Carving Wooden Santas, Elves, and Gnomes"

"Christmas Heirloom Patterns for Woodcarvers" - Vol I

"Christmas Heirloom Patterns for Woodcarving" - Vol. II

"Folk Figure Wood Carving"

O'Neill, Hugh -- "Birds from Wood"

Onians, Dick -- "Carving the Human Figure"

"Essential Woodcarving Techniques"

Pearce, Jim -- "Wildfowl Carving" - Vol. I

"Wildfowl Carving" - Vol. II

Penberthy, Steve -- "Step by Step to a Classic Fireplace Mantel"

Pergrin, David -- "Carving Wildlife of the Forest & Jungle"

"Woodcarving the Wonders of Nature"

Phrares, Jeff -- "Carving Ears & Hair"

"Carving Eyes"

"Carving the Human Face"

"Carving the Nose & Mouth

Plaumann, Fred -- "Selected Bird Patterns for Carvers"

Ponte, Alfred M. -- "Realistic Duck Carving"

Ponte, Carol A. -- "Free Form Chip Carving Pattern"

"Power Carving Manual Vol. I : Wood Carving Illustrated"

"Power Carving Manual Vol. II : "Wood Carving Illustrated"

Poole, Stephen--"The Complete Pyrography"

Power, Dale -- "Bears to Carve"

"Carving the Coyote"

"Carving the Elk"

"Carving Miniature Carousel Animals"

* "Carving Dolphins and Whales"

Pozsgai, Frank -- "A Scroll Saw Christmas"

Putnam, Laura -- "Carving Whimsical Bird Eggs"

Prescott, Stephen -- "Cowtown Carving"

Price,Jack -- "Compact Characters"

Pye, Chris -- "Elements of Woodcarving"

"Lettercarving in Wood : A Practical Course"

"Relief Carving in Wood"

"Woodcarving Tools, Materials & Equipment" Vol. 1

"Woodcarving Tools, Materials & Equipment" Vol. 2

Randish, Keith -- "Carving the Little Guys"

Refsal, Harley -- "Scandinavian Style Woodcarving Patterns"

"Woodcarving in the Scandinavian Style"

Ranson, Ron -- "An Amish Family"

"Angel Carving"

"A Ron Ranson Christmas"

"Celebration Carving"

"More Angels"

"Santa Friends"

"Santa With Special Interests"

* "Mini-cheers : Carving Miniature Santas"

Reinecke, Herb -- "Whittling Simplified : Everything You Need to Know"

Reinhardt, Jerry -- "Carving Miniature Carousel Animals"

Reitmeyer, Robert -- "A Beginner's Book of Carving Neckerchief Slides, Pins, & Magnets"

Rhodes, Tom--"Golf Ball Carving Unlimited"

Rich, Jack -- "Sculpture In Wood"

Roberts, July Gale & Booher, Jerry -- "Making Collector Plates on Your Scroll Saw"

Rogers, Cynthia -- "Woodcarving Made Easy"

Rogers, Denny -- "The Illustrated Bald Eagle"

"The Illustrated Birds of Prey"

"The Illustrated Owl"

Roth, Richard -- "Carving Fish & Pond Life"

Russell, Frank -- "Carving Realistic Faces With Power"

"Vermont Folk Figures"

"Carving Wildfawl Canes and Walking Sticks With Power"

Rymark, Bob & Watanapong -- "Chip Carver's Patterns"

Sabol, David -- "Carving Noah's Ark - Monkeys & Apes"

"Carving Noah's Ark : Mrs. Noah & Friends"

"Noah & Friends With the Animals of Africa"

"Carving Storybook Animals"

"Old St. Nick Carving : Classic Santas From Wood"

Salty (Sylvester Regan) -- * "Whittling for Beginners"

Sayers, Charles -- "Book of Woodcarving"

Scarriano, Nicholo--"Sculpting Cane Handles"

Schabell, Kurt--"Carving A Santa Nutcracker"

Schmitgen, Harley -- "Caricature Patterns in the Relief Style"

Schnute, William J. -- "High-Relief Wood Carving"

Scholz, Floyd -- "Birds of Prey"

"Carving & Painting the American Kestrel"

Schoonmasker, David & Woods, Bruce--"Whirligigs & Weathervanes"

"Vintage Santa Claus"

Schroeder, Dennis -- "Beginning Decorative Decoy Painting : Mallard Duck Drake"

"Beginning Decorative Decoy Painting : Wood Duck Drake"

"How to Carve the Wood Duck"

Schroeder, Roger -- "How to Carve Wildfowl" - Vol. I

"How to Carve Wildfowl" - Vol. II

Schroeder, Vern -- "Woodcarving Designs for Chessmen"

Schroeder & McCarthy - "Woodcarving Illustrated"

Seitz, James -- "Carved Gifts For All Occasions"

"Woodcarving : A Designer's Notebook"

Self, Charles--"Make Your Own Walking Sticks"

Sheppared, Joseph -- "Drawing the Living Figure"

Sherman, Sharon -- "Chainsaw Sculptor : The Art of Skip Armstrong"

Sheryka, George -- "Bark Carving"

Shipley, Mike -- "Handcarving Snowmen & Santas"

"Whittling the Old Sea Captain"

Shourds, Harry & Hillman, Anthony -- "Carving Decorative Duck Decoys"

"Carving Duck Decoys"

"Carving Shorebirds"

Summit, Ginger & Widess, Jim -- "Gourd Craft"

Smith, Billy J. -- "Carving Clowns & Circus Wagons"

"Carving Horses & Carriages With Power Tools"

Smith, A.G.--"Viking Designs"

Smith, Don -- "Lelooska : The Traditional Art of the Mask"

Solomon, Charles & Hamilton, David -- "Carving Hummingbirds"

The Art of Stylized Wood Carving"

Spencer, Margaret--"Rocking Horses"

Spielman, Patrick, & Vandertie, Adolph -- "Hobo & Tramp Art Carving"

"Making Wood Decoys"

"Making Wood Signs"

Squeglia, Vincent -- "Carving Scrooge : Dickens' Christmas Carol Figures"

Sutter, Mack -- "Easy to do Flower Patterns for Woodcarvers"

"Floral Wood Carving"

Stadelman, Kelly -- "Carving Angels"

"Carving Christmas Whistle Ornaments"

"Carving Elves"

"Carving Teddy Bears"

Stetson, Dave--"Caricature Carving Form Head to Toe"

Stevens, Craig Vandall -- "Chip Carving Nature : An Artistic Approach"

"Artistry in Chip Carving : A Lyrical Style"

"The Art of Marquetry"

Stevenson, Tony & Marsden, Eva--"Rocking Horses"

Stickney, Orville C. -- "Twigs & Flowers"

Stohlman, Al -- "Figure Carving"

"Pictorial Carving"

Streetman, Al -- "Carving Cypress Knee Wood Spirits"

"Carving a Street-Corner Band"

"15 Elf & Gnome Patterns"

"20 Pencil People Patterns for Carvers"

"29 Angel Patterns for Carvers"

"29 Cowboy Patterns for Carvers"

"20 Folk Bird & Fish Patterns"

"25 Gunfighter Patterns for Carvers"

"30 Holiday Patterns for Carvers"

"35 Santa Patterns for Carvers"

"60 Patterns for Santa Carvers"

"41 Santa Patterns for Carvers"

"25 Uncle Sam Patterns"

* "20 Patterns for Santa Carvers"

Swian, Todd -- "Carving Trophy Deer & Elk"

Sunset Publishers -- "Woodcarving Techniques & Projects"

Suzuki, Howard --"Carving in Soap"

"Soap Carving"

Tanterman, E. J. -- "1001 Designs for Whittling & Woodcarving"

"Carving the Unusual"

"Whittling & Woodcarving"

Tanterman & Zimmerman -- "Woodcarving Library"

Tawes, William -- "Creative Bird Carving"

Taylor, Bruce -- "Marionette Magic"

Taylor, Cleve -- "Carving Fishermen & the Tall Tale"

"Carving Motorcycle Riders"

"Cowboy Carving

"Hangin' in There : Creative Cowboy Carving"

Teixido & Santamera -- "The Art of Woodcarving"

TimeLife Books -- "The Art of Woodworking : Woodcarving"

Thompson, Chris -- "Carved Nutcrackers"

"Christmas Ornaments to Carve"

Toney, Tina -- "Creative Christmas Carving"

"Easy Weekend Carving Projects"

"Santas Snowmen : Carving for Christmas"

Udell, Luann--"Rubber Stamp Carving"

Van Berkom-Bev Ulsrud--"Ancient Scandinavian Designs"

Vance, Ron-- "Bible Sticks"

Veasey, William -- "Water Fowl Carving"

Wachter, Leah--"Carving Nature's Rascals- Armadillo,Skunk,Mouse,Racoon"

Waltner, Elma -- "Carving Animal Caricatures"

Waters, Sue -- "Basic Wood Burning Patterns"

"Decorating Gourds"

"Wood Burning : Rural Scenes"

"Wildlife Designs"

"Woodburning Rural Scenes"

Way, Walt -- "Sculpting Totem Poles"

Western, David--"Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons"

Wheeler, William & Hayward, Charles--"Woodcarving-The Beginner's Guide"

White, J. Christopher -- "Parables Wood Sculpture"

White, Paul -- "Carving an American Eagle"

* "Carving a Traditional Cape Cod Sign"

Whillock, Ivan -- "Carving a Head in Wood"

"Carving Kids"

"Carving the Risen Christ"

"Head Proportions Made Simple"

"Knife Carving Made Simple"

"Patterns Patterns Patterns for Woodcarvers : (Relief)"

"Pictorial Relief Carving"

"Relief Carving Made Simple"

"Relief Carving Techniques"

Whillock, Publishing -- "Teachers' Choice"

Wilbur, Frederick -- "Carving Architectural Detail in Wood"

"Carving Classical Styles in Wood"

"Decorative Woodcarving Accessories For the Home"

Williams, Jeremy -- * "Decorative Woodcarving"

Williamson, Bob -- "The Breakthrough Habitat and Exhibit Manual"

Wolfe, Tom -- "108 Animal Patterns"

"Basic Penknife"

"Bears & Bunnies"

"Caricature in Clay"

"Carving Clowns"

"Carving Cigar Humidors"

"Carves the Dragon"

"Carving Desperadoes"

"Carving a Friendship Cane"

"Carving Gnomes"

"Carving from Roughouts"

"Carving a Kids's Size Rocking Horse"

"Carving the Wild West"

"Carving the Wizard"

"Carving a Santa Ornament"

"Civil War"

"Country Carving"

"Creative Canes & Walking Sticks"


"96 Cane Patterns for the Woodcarver"

"Fancy Canes"

"Flat Carving"

"Horse Carving"

"Jointed Santas"

"More Santa Carving"

"Old World Santas"

"Out to the Ball Game"

"Power Carving House Spirits"

"Power Carving Santas"

"Santa & His Friends"

"75 Santa Patterns"

"The Easter Bunny & His Friends"

"The Golfer"

"Through the Looking Glass"

"Traditional Wood Spirits"

"Wood Spirits"

Wright, Linda -- "Carving a Horse's Head"

"Woodcarvers Guild : Beginning Woodcarving"

"Woodcarving Illustrated"

"Ultimate Carving Patterns Collection"

Woodcarving Magazine -- "Understanding Woodcarving in the Round"

"Useful Techniques for Woodcarvers"

"Woodcarving for Beginners"

Young, Greg -- "Classic Carving Projects Made Easy : Bottle Stoppers"

Zelt, William--"The Spirit of Carving Clocks"

Zimmerman, Eric -- "Carving Horses in Wood"

Zinger, Ed -- "Woodcarving Rendezvous"

Zuckermann, Gabriel--"The Art and Craft of Whirligig Construction"



Chip Chats

Mallet-67 issues

Woodcarving Illustrated

-----------------------VIDEO TAPES--------------------------

Agrill, Ian, -- "Carving the Acanthus Leaf"

Barton, Wayne -- "Chip Carving"

Bailey, Kent -- "Deep Relief"

Bennett, David -- "Relief Carving in a Different Light"

Bloomquist--Mike--"Carving Easy Santas"

"Carving Swedish Toys"

Bolton, Claude -- "Carve a Cowboy Head"

Cash, Bob -- "Carving An Old World Santa"

Clair, Dick -- "Time to Sharpen"

Cline, Carl--"Chainsaw Carving a Raccoon"

Dittrich, W. -- "Chainsaw Carving"

Doeren, J. -- * "Beginning Sculpting With Chainsaw"

Dow, Cheryl--"Woodburning-DVD-2 discs

Ellenwood, Everett--"Beginning Woodcarving"

Sharpening Simplified"

Erickson, Tony-- "Gnome Homes & And Other Places of Distinction"DVD

Faber, Jerry -- "How to Chain Saw Carve"

Fleming, Burt--"How To Chainsaw A Bear"

"Introducing You to Chainsaw Carving"

Chainsaw Carving-Let's Carve A Face"

Fossel, Theo -- "Stickmaking and Carving"

Gargac, Mark--"Carving Elf Ornaments" DVD

Hajny, Desiree -- "Sculpturing a Red Fox Out of Wood"

Hall, Nora -- "#1 Basics of European Woodcarving"

"#2 Beyond the Basics of European Woodcarving"

"#3 Advanced European Woodcarving"

"#4 Letter Carving"

"#5 Carving European Corbel"

"#7 Master Woodcarving Tips & Shortcuts"

"#8 Carving the Egg and Dart"

Hewitt, Russ--"Gouge Chip Carving Basics"

Hunter, Sheila -- "Chip Carving"

Janney, Bill -- "Gun Stock Carving"

Jensen, Rick--"Carving Magical Tree Houses" DVD

Johnson, Sklar--"Carving Wood Spirits in Cottonwood Bark"

Korotkow, Wolfgang-- 'Basics of Grinding & Sharpening"

Leenhouts, Marty--"My Chip Carving Lessons 100-110">

Leonard, Joe -- "The Armored Horses"

MacIntosh, Hal -- "Chain Saw Arts & Crafts" Part 1

"Chain Saw Arts & Crafts" Part 2

Maggard, David -- "Carving Wood Spirit Hiking Stick"

"Carving a Wood Spirit with Mallet & Gouges"

Martin, Stu -- "Carving a Cigar Store Indian"

"Carving Father Christmas"

"Carving Indian Bust"

"Carving Mountain Man"

"Jolly Santa with Toy List"

Moor, Dennis & Todd -- "Introduction to Chip Carving" - Vol. 1

"Chip Carving Rosettes & Curved Borders" - Vol. 2

"Chip Carving Grids : Free Form Patterns & Finishing" - Vol.3, Part 1

"Chip Carving : Layout, Lettering, & Finishing" Vol. 4, Part 2

Morris, Jim -- "Cutting Out Blanks With a Bandsaw"

Odden, Phillip & Bigton, Else -- "Carving an Acanthus Breadboard"

"Acanthus Clock Shelf"

Olsen & Holt -- "Ornamental Woodcarving"

Parker, Ted -- "Carving Cardinals"

"Carving a Traditional Santa"

"Carving a Trout"

"Chopping a Canvasback Drake"

Pefferly, Lawrence--"How To Carve & Paint a Carousel Horse"

Perkins, Gary -- "Carving Characture Figures"

"Carving Christmas Ornaments"

"The Knife and Carving a Gnome Head"

"Whittlin' & Carving"

Price, Jack -- "Compact Characters"

Rushlo, Dave -- "Carving a Civil War Bust"

Raffan, Richard-- "Turning Wood"

Refsal, Harley-- "Figure Carving Scandinavian Style"

Ritger, Judy-- "Kolrosing" (DVD)

Roberts, Judy Gale -- "Intarsia"

Sandom, Hans -- "Acanthus : Woodcarving Techniques with Hans Sandom"

Stenman, Elaine & Fred--"Relief Woodcarving-"Building & Hollow Tree"

"Relief Woodcarving-Painting"

"Relief Woodcarving-Woodburning"

Sherman, Sharon -- "Spirits in the Wood : Chainsaw Art of Skip Armstrong"

Taraldset, Rolf--"Woodcarving-Acanthus & Chip Carving"

Wade, Tom -- "Carousel Horse Carving"

Ward, M. Paul -- "Whittling : Artist With a Knife"

Webb, Gene--"Carving A Smokey Mountain Black Bear Cane Top"

"Carving A Smokey Mountain Black Bear with a Pocketknife"

"Power Carving a Rattlesnake in A Twisted Stick" (DVD)

Williams, Darrell -- "Carving a Carousel Horse"

"Painting a Carousel Horse"

Whillock, Ivan--"Traditional Woodcarving Basics" DVD

Wolfe, Tom -- "Carving Bears and Bunnies"

"Carving Desperados"

"Carving Robed Gnomes"

"Penknife Carving"

"Tom Wolfe Goes to the Dogs"

Wood Works -- "Chainsaw Carving a Fishing Bear"